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I don't have hobbies - I have passions!

I am trying out a lot of crafting ideas that I've never had time for previously; these include: resin, book-binding, quilling, paper making; however, these are not ready for public viewing as yet, but watch this space.

What I mainly find myself doing outside of the business interests and supporting interests, just for fun, is creating greeting cards for friends and relatives.  Anyone who has had a go at card making will know that you cannot put a realistic price on the time and effort involved, but it's nice to make these one-of's that are personal to the recipient.  I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite creations here and perhaps inspire others to be creative.  I hope you like them.



Canvas easel card canvas easel card innner Canvas easel card 2
Sheila west pendant   Sheila Sheila inner 
 Isla  Molly happy birthday 
 Alison inner Alison Quilling